PR-PM0707-7 - 2007/07 AIST Iron & Steel Technology July

Strand Surface Cracks - The Role of Abnormally Large Prior-austenite Grains

Rian Dippenaar, Suk-Chun Moon, Edward S. Szekeres

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Transverse cracks present on the surface of continuously cast semis prior to rolling often cause undesirable imperfections on rolled product. Such cracks can occur on all types of strand cast product: billets, blooms, slabs, rounds and beam blanks. Transverse cracks range in severity from those that are short, thin and difficult to find on a scaled surface, to those that are long, gross and readily apparent. A typical fine transverse crack found on the broadface of a slab after cold machine scarfing is shown in Figure 1. Although not a rule, transverse cracks often occur at or near as-cast corners.