PR-503-056 - 2019 STEELSIM Conference Proceedings

Lifetime Improvement of Radiant Tubes Using Structured Steel Sheets

Brykarczyk, Neumann, Lenz, Pfeifer, Bambach

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Industrial furnace components are usually designed to grant the demand for a long service life. Under operating conditions many factors can cause effects being detrimental to certain components. Especially in heat treatment furnaces of steel plants using high temperatures to set the products properties, thermal loads have to be considered. Thermal loads can be induced by a constant high temperature, large temperature gradients or a combination of both. While the effects of constant temperature loads can be estimated quite well based on a large amount of experimental data, stresses and creep strains induced by thermal gradients need to be precisely calculated, to obtain data for life time estimations.

Keywords: Radiant Tube, Vault-structures, Coupled CFD, Radiative Heat Transfer