PR-380-032 - 2020 AISTech Conference Proceedings

Pulverized Coal Conversion in Blast Furnaces -- Analysis of Involved Scales

M. Bösenhofer, E.M. Wartha, C. Jordan, F. Hauzenberger, C. Feilmayr, H. Stocker, J. Rieger

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Pulverized coal conversion is a process involving length scales ranging from nanometers for the particle pores to meters for the blast furnace. For an ideal coke replacement ratio, the coal has to be converted within the oxygen-rich zone in the vicinity of the tuyeres. The residence time before leaving this zone is 20-4- ms. Analysis of involved scales gives valuable information for optimization. After introducing theoretical concepts, a reference case of blast furnace pulverized coal injection is presented. The scale analysis is then used to derive optimization strategies for the coal conversion process in the raceway zone.

Keywords: pulverized coal injection (PCI), blast furnace, scale analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), process analysis