PR-374-347 - 2018 AISTech Conference Proceedings

The Behavior of Manganese in Oxygen Steelmaking

Rout, Brooks, Rhamdhani, Li, van der Knoop

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Manganese serves as an important alloying element in commercial grades of steel and high levels of Mn can improve the mechanical properties of steel. [1] The chemical behavior of Mn in Oxygen Steelmaking is complex because the element is readily oxidised in conditions found in steelmaking but the stability of its oxide is a strong function of temperature and slag chemistry, and the oxide can readily revert back to elemental Mn in steelmaking conditions. In many steel plants, manganese ore has been added to achieve high Mn at the end blow. This approach means that the use of relatively expensive ferromanganese (FeMn) can be reduced in the subsequent secondary steelmaking process. [1] Steel plants can also face the problem of high Mn (>1 wt pct) in the hot metal due to the use of lean iron ores with high MnO in the blast furnace, and this can cause operational issues in the steelmaking process.[2]

Keywords: Manganese, Oxygen Steelmaking, Process Modelling