PR-370-007 - 2016 AISTech Conference Proceedings

Porosity of Metallurgical Coke

Pearson, Yuekan, Park, Pearson

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In this study, 10 cokes from Australia, A - J were analysed. However, the source of the coals, nor of the chemistry is known. The distribution of cokes was broad, with Coke Reflectance values from 7.8% to 9.2%, Coke Anisotropy Quotients (AQ) from 2.5-4.5, measured CSR values were from 25 - 68. Petrographically, unfused inerts ranged from 18%- 44%, with evidence of anthracite, and soft coking coals in the blends.

Keywords: gas pycnometry, coke quality, automated petrography, porosity