PR-370-006 - 2016 AISTech Conference Proceedings

Forecasting Coke Quality From mW Power Measurements Recorded During Plastic Layer Advance by a Sapozhnikov Plastometer

Park, Pearson, Pearson, Jiao

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Growth and contraction of the volume curve during plastic layer advance in an automated CKIC Sapozhnikov plastometer is a record of varying power output, that are related to the vitrinite content of the coal being tested. The volume data are collected and displayed at 1-sec intervals throughout the analysis, and can be accessed and processed later, off-line. Among vitrinite-rich coals, a plastic layer develops that is often of 25mm depth, and the volume curve displays the upright zigzag pattern of power development greater than 16mW. In contrast, coals with less vitrinite, generate a thinner plastic layer (Y value <10mm), and a volume curve that shows little or no expansion, only contraction, and these coals generate less than 2.5mW power. Data have been extracted from plastometer data on over 150 semicokes.

Keywords: Coke quality, plastic layer, Sapozhnikov plastometer, power measurement, CSR