PR-366-383 - 2014 AISTech Conference Proceedings

Affirmative Abrasion: Advancements and Innovations in Industrial Braking Systems

Christopher J. Koralik

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This study examines key elements in the engineering mechanics and component specifications that affect overhead crane brake selection with the intent of empowering readers to make appropriate product selection. The employment of an optimal brake for overhead crane applications yields desirable and positive results: increased safety, greater efficiency, improved uptime, and reduced maintenance. Conversely, improper brake selection can be catastrophic. After considerable field experience, substantive consultations with subject matter experts, and extensive professional research, the author highlights a set of critical variables to aid professionals in choosing the most suitable brake for any given overhead crane application. When carefully considered and applied, these variables will enhance crane performance and provide reliable braking performance.

Keywords: Disc brake, torque, friction coefficient, applied force, spring applied fail-safe brake, ac thruster brake, emergencycaliper disc brake, friction coefficient, mechanical braking torque