PR-366-036 - 2014 AISTech Conference Proceedings

Bireflectance Studies of Plastometer Semi-Coke Residues

J. (H.K.) Park, D. Pearson, R. Pearson, Y. Jiao

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Automated reflectance measurements have been made on ten samples of semicoke residue obtained from Gieseler plastometer crucibles. The semicokes cover the coal rank range of High-volatile to Low-volatile-coal; Vitrinite contents from medium to high, and geological ages from Pennsylvanian to Cretaceous. Carbon forms, or “textural components”, that describe coke petrography are identified in the semicokes, but they have been stirred during formation and both the porosity and distribution of carbon forms in the fragmented plastic layer are affected.

Keywords: Bireflectance, Semicoke, Metallurgical Coke, Annealing